Sunday, April 20, 2008

Stroke of insight

My neighbor Diane sent the link to this talk by the neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor about her experience of her own stroke, and particularly the insights about right/left brain that came out of that. I very much like the way she puts her whole self into the talk, with very few slides or script, and says something that feels true on intellectual as well as emotional levels.

It makes me think that what came to me as the idea of Knowledge Art was a bit of the universal right brain she talks about speaking through, unfiltered for once -- profound and connected but not from me as an individual. When the analytical and linguistic get stripped away, or quieted down, there's no telling what else can pop up.

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Anonymous said...

The New York Times Sunday Newspaper on May 25 had a great two page article on Jill Bolte Taylor and her book, "MY STROKE OF INSIGHT". Her book is a must read and this NY Times article - called "A Superhighway to bliss" is worth checking out too.