Friday, March 23, 2007

Shared Compendium over the Web -- it can work!

Courtesy of Mark Aakhus at Rutgers, I saw how sharing Compendium (MySQL) works over the web via Citrix. So far what I've seen -- via both DSL from home and via an EV-DO aircard from my laptop at Rutgers -- is way beyond "raw" over-the-Internet access to shared Compendium. The performance was excellent, quite usable (unlike what we've experienced using shared Compendium over the Internet). And this was true multi-user shared Compendium - multiple users accessing even the
same map at the same time.

This is kind of epochal, at least for me. I haven't truly interacted with a shared Compendium or QuestMap project since more than 10 years ago with QuestMap on a LAN, and even then it wasn't over the 'net. I have been happily interacting with this project for the last couple of days, seeing the potential of true collaborative (that is, asynchronous and multi-user) Compendium.

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